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hotel cleaning?

The cleaning of next level

While most of the cleaning companies are providing standard solutions, Tomorrow Cleaning is setting higher goals.

With Tomorrow Cleaning it’s always crystal clear!

The hotel industry has high requirement in maintaining hygiene and cleanliness. Every hotel room has to be the cleanest. The public areas, meeting rooms, lobbies, toilets and the other guest areas have to be constantly organized and tidied as it makes the first impression when the guest enters.

A comfortable stay in a hotel is impossible without professional cleaning service.

We are going on a vacation to relax in comfort and to forget about the everyday stress, for that reason we are expecting the least to stay in a dirty, untidy hotel. Our experienced team is maintaining an excellent quality cleaning service to make your stay unforgettable. Thanks to our methods and experiences we are providing an absolute hygiene. We have built the trust with our clients and they believe that guest are absolutely happy if everything is sparkling clean.


The clean workplace

Your office is on our way

It is proved that a clean office contributes to the motivation and the productivity of employees. Nobody wants to work in an unpleasant, untidy environment. If the dust level is high in an office, for example, it destroys the quality of air inside and might disturbs employees to concentrate and carry out their tasks.

Our service is efficient and flexible, constantly adapting to the clients’ special needs.

We determine the standards of office cleaning which help our team to protect the hygiene and healthiness of a workplace:

1. Cleaning

2. Virus and bacteria clearing

3. Air quality advancing

4. Avoidance of pollution

In our company it plays a key role to provide the exact same quality in our offices, kitchens, dining places and toilets as well.

The team of Tomorrow Cleaning helps to achieve the excellence of your enterprise.


1 step ahead of the virus

Because you deserve it

The World Health Organization and different governments of the world have indicated multiple times the importance of a sanitized, clean environment, especially against the fight of the COVID-19 pandemic. The dedicated goal of the company is to drive the attention to sterilization by sanitizing various workplaces and homes.

10-day lasting protection by applying innovative nanotechnology for which the manufacturer offers a full guarantee.

How does it operate?

Our sterilization system applies three technologies depending on your needs.
1. OZONE treatment – Our ozone treatment is providing an efficient virus-free zone without the emission of liquid, according to the strict safety measures.

2. SURFACE WIPING – The wiping process allows our technicians to target specific areas to destroy the COVID-19 virus. The solution is applied with a moisturized cloth and left dry to achieve maximum effectiveness.

3. MIST – Mist treatment allows our professionals to deliver hygienic and sterilized solutions to those places which are hard to reach. With the help of our technology and our disinfectant the complete virus-free zone is provided for up to 10 days.

Our deepest mission is to provide a clean, safe and healthy environment in your home or in your workplace. The Tomorrow Cleaning team helps you even when you are in trouble.


Professional industrial cleanliness

The new perspective of cleaning

It is a proved that a clean office contributes to the motivation and the productivity of employees. Nobody wants to work in an unpleasant, untidy environment. If the dust level is high in an office, for example, it destroys the quality of air inside and might disturbs employees to concentrate and carry out their tasks.

Our attitude towards industrial cleaning

The team of Tomorrow Cleaning have improved excellent cleaning technics which makes the working process as efficient as possible and implies special solutions in case of any problem.

Our personalized working ethic makes the efficient work possible as the team is being constantly monitored which makes the work transparent. We are applying the recent leading industrial technics and with our professionalism and expertise all the pollution and dirt is eliminated.

Our industrial cleaning team

Tomorrow Cleaning pays lots of attention to the consultation about every project in order to get to know and understand the need of the clients and the industrial establishment. The support from our side always provides a 100% monitoring of our workers who are familiar with the industrial cleaning process.

Our team also pays big attention to the health and safety protection during the completion of industrial cleaning services.

Industrial cleaning services

Factory – Machine production line – Production and manufacturing plants – Oil spills – Tanks – Port buildings, docks, ship – Refineries – Governmental sites – Restaurants – Refrigerators – Pharmaceuticals – Automotive – Electronics companies – Industrial floors – Warehouses


The focus is on the highest hygienical requirements

A cleaner hospital is a safer hospital.

In the healthcare sector we take into consideration the highest hygienical requirements. Learning from the current situation (Covid-19) and keeping in mind that in the future similar situations might happen we are applying a stricter, more qualified system.

We divided the hygienical working phases of hospitals and other healthcare institutions into 3 parts:

1. Cleaning

2. Antibacterial and antivirus zone

3. Air quality correction

4. No option of double pollution

The presence of antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains may be a concern. Our diverse logically structured healthcare cleaning system provides the complete sterilization, paying attention to the rule of infections.


The efficient cleaning of harder-to-reach, higher areas require qualified knowledge and technology.


Floor cleaning primarily needs to focus on safety and stability aspects.


The main aim of hospital cleaning is the reduction and avoidance of possible infections.


Luxury in cleaning

Clean home. Happier life.

Tomorrow cleaning is willing to prove its excellent experiences in embassies, consulates and in private houses as well.

When we employ workforce, we make sure that everybody has a certificate of good conduct and everybody acquires a fully qualified knowledge of cleaning supplies and surface handling.

Our company pays a complete attention to quality work for which we offer full guarantee.

Besides our cleaning work processes, we also provide our partners with disinfection and household services (washing, ironing, etc.) on demand.

Our priorities are the satisfaction and comfort of the client, this is what we take care of the most.


We are willing to help and answer any possible question or concern.


Floor cleaning & renewal full house

We are not just cleaning.

Our cleaning & renewal of though flooring service aims at repairing and providing better quality of floors. Every type of floor becomes damaged and polluted with time.

After you make a contract with us, the cleaning and renewing of EDS, HTC, Marble, Granite, Resin and other concrete floors like Terracotta, Tile, Terrazzo and Vinyl is our task.

The floor gets younger with us.

Are you wondering what is it like to see yourself on a mirror-smooth floor concrete? Choose from a wealth of options.

What can you expect?

After the profound examination of our technicians and the selection of the proper technology, our colleagues arrive with the adequate tools and equipment being prepared to any unexpected situation. We are not just sending our workmates, but we are also sending our experiences and our qualified knowledge.

Tomorrow Cleaning eliminates the contamination efficiently.


Why to call us
if it is about window cleaning?

Shining is provided

The cleanliness of your window reflects the reliability of your company. As a client, what would you think about a business or an office which has a super dirty window glass which makes it impossible to look inside?

If there are bigger glass surfaces in your headquarter, it requires special attention.

It is a typical example of modern offices and other fancier business places in well-frequented areas. Window cleaning does not belong to the favorite household tasks, and we exactly know why. From the older personalized window cleaning methods until the newer, reliable tricks there are various ways of making the window shine from cleanliness. The power of clean office windows and other institutions should never be underestimated. There are multiple magical solutions to this problem on the Internet.


However, if you want your window to shine, you better trust professionals.


What to know about carpet cleaning?

Without any stain

Most of our clients order our services according to visuality aspects but for us it is essential to keep in mind the health aspects as well. The organic volatile compounds in carpets can also contribute to the development of asthma and other allergies.

Thanks to our low moisture systems, you can forget about the longer drying time.

Carpet cleaning has 2 options. One of them is the qualified, professional group of Tomorrow Cleaning, the other is not important. Our team feels comfortable cleaning the different, more challenging type of carpets with the application of multiple technologies.

The regular carpet cleaning helps to brighten the color of the carpet.

It might be news that most of the carpet manufacturing companies regularly need the service of carpet cleaning in order to be able to offer a full guarantee. Trust in our professional cleaning guard, in our technology to get the best service as possible.

The team of Tomorrow Cleaning helps to achieve the excellence of your enterprise.


Cleaning after construction,
before handover

Cleaning is our task

Our company can become a reliable partner of yours as a building constructor. We are in charge of cleaning after and during the construction regarding offices, residential parks and hotels as well. We know exactly what you need as this type of cleaning is part of our tasks for a long time.

Tomorrow Cleaning is ready to every unexpected contamination, our trained and enthusiastic colleagues do their best to remove any dirt.

Our professional machine park and specific cleaning products guarantee your satisfaction.

Our colleagues constantly take part in trainings and meetings where they learn the different techniques of surface and material handling to ensure the efficient work.
If there is problem with the stone covert on the garage level or if a spilled paint or oil stain is a concern, Tomorrow Cleaning can handle it, trusting the expertise of our cleaning technicians.
You can have a rest and we will take care of the dirty work.